I am so very grateful for the life I live. 

My wonderful husband, our crazy little pug Olive and I live very happily in our cosy home, nestled at the bottom of the Great Malvern Hills.
We adventure around the UK together in our faithful campervan and love nothing better than to sit under the star flooded sky together with a cosy cup of tea.

I have always been a hermit soul, hopelessly devoted to nature.
As a little girl, my bedroom was a cavern of celestial treasures and a shrine to all of the precious things I‘d collect from woodland walks and coastal visits. It was decorated with shells and paintings of fairies, angels, sea creatures and ancient ships ~ much like my beautiful home and workshop are to this very day.

If I'm not strolling in the mossy Malvern Hills, diving into some secluded little cove somewhere or sat gazing into our infinite, glistening indigo skies ~ you will always find me sipping the biggest, frothiest cup of coffee while submerged in dusty old poetry books, and enchanted tales of folklore, myths and magic.

A combined love and obsession for the moon, the stars & the wild and whimsical, added with a fascination for the dark & mysterious have inspired the themes to The Coral Grove's treasure collections.

The Coral Grove Jewellery (fka Mermaid’s Grave) is handcrafted using hand tools and traditional methods. The materials predominantly used are 9carat, 14carat and 18carat gold, sterling silver and brass and ethically sourced gemstones where possible.

My style is raw, organic, eclectic and 'undone'. Each piece is carefully made by hand, celebrating its irregularities unique to the wearer.

I have long studied the properties of semi-precious and precious gemstones and I am also a certified Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer. The knowledge that I have built over the years is something I very much love to incorporate into my jewellery designs and custom healing pieces are one of my favourite things to make. 

Each trinket I create is laced gently with reiki healing and moonlight and and is a devoted prayer of love to Mother Earth.

'The Coral Grove' ~ name (to me) captures the little luminous orbs of gentle light and life that will always be found within the places shrouded with darkness and mystery.
The precious ocean reefs and the vast, wild and untamed open forests ~ filled with nature and shimmering pearlescent light.

The name came from one of my most favourite poems written by James Gates Percival in the early 1800's. Coral is also the name of my wonderfully eccentric, beloved Nana who continues to bring magic and inspiration into my life each and every day.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to yours, for visiting my website and for supporting my little business ~ it truly means the world to me.


The photo above was one I took on a very misty day in our gorgeous old Malvern Hills.

Thank you dearly to Andrea of 'Pixie Abbott Photography', Jody of 'Blue Rose Beautification' & Chloe of 'Chloe Field Photography' for asking me to be part of your business & rebranding shoot.